Have you ever wondered how the wealthy just keep getting wealthier? 

I am sure you have, it’s something we all think about. Wealth seems to be different to simply having money – wealth is something solid, something that grows and matures.

But there is a reason why people stay wealthy, it’s not just luck.

Just as businesses and corporations employ accountants to measure, analyse and provide assurances about financial information, so too do the wealthy.

By contrast, the rest of us rely on independent and tied financial advisors, bank managers, mortgage brokers and more – people whose job it is to make money for others.

I am offering you the opportunity to change this situation by tapping into the knowledge and experience of your very own accountant, a financial professional called a PWA (Private Wealth Accountant). I manage a number of PWAs through my company – the PWA Network, which is based in Geneva, Switzerland. Until now, their services (also known as family office services) have only been available to high net worth individuals from across the world – people worth millions.

However, due to the success of the company we are now expanding and as a result can extend the benefits of a PWA to you. Our experience of managing wealth has taught us that, although managing millions in investable assets requires a different approach to smaller amounts, the same principles apply. In short, PWAs are no longer just for the wealthy.

The job of a PWA is to develop an in-depth understanding of your personal investment and financial needs and then put together and manage a financial strategy that is clear on risk and return and designed to maximise your investment potential.

In a nutshell, it is the job of a PWA to protect your money and make it grow.


To discuss how a PWA can help you, simply e-mail me

at kabir.rawat@pwa-network.com


However, you may well have questions, so may I explain more?

The most obvious question is – how much does a PWA cost?

This varies depending on the level of support you need, but PWA fees won’t break the bank. They start in the hundreds and can be paid per service or through an annual or quarterly retainer. However, the financial advantages ultimately far outweigh any initial fee – it is really an investment, not a cost.

Mention of fees undoubtedly brings another question to mind – why do I need to pay a PWA when I can see an adviser for free?

The simple answer to this is advisers are not free – far from it. Initial advice may be free but they make money from an annual commission on any policy you take out through them. Over the years this mounts up to many thousands and you are paying for it as the policy provider simply adds the adviser’s fee to your total repayment. If an adviser was not involved, you would pay thousands less in total.

To put things in perspective, please consider this:

It is estimated that a typical person living in the UK will spend, on average, £3000-£4000 on financial services for each year of their life. Much, if not all of it, hidden in policy fees.

This equates to over £180,000 over 40 years. No wonder financial professionals earn such massive bonuses.

So, advisers – although many claim to be independent – are actually paid through financial institutions that decide how much of your money to pay in commission. That is not independent and is especially worrying when you consider that commission rates vary between providers.

That’s not to say advisers cannot offer valuable advice – they can. However, the best way to do this is by paying for the advice, rather than relying on recommendations that may have more to do with sales targets than your needs. This applies to any form of professional financial advice, whether it be from IFAs, bank advisers, investment specialists, hedge fund managers or mortgage brokers

Your PWA is there to help you find the right adviser for each aspect of your finances, as well as negotiating a price and maximising the service you receive. Because your PWA has all your information to hand, the whole process of buying relevant advice is quicker, less expensive and ultimately more valuable to you.

A PWA has no connection whatsoever to any financial institutions and/or the management of any funds. A PWA does not supply financial advice, he or she is only concerned with protecting and growing your wealth, boosting your investments and saving you time and money. By employing a PWA you have someone on your side whose sole purpose is to manage your money for your benefit.

Investing in the services of a PWA could cost you no more than using professional advisers. The only difference is payment is upfront and transparent, rather than hidden in policy fees.


There is only so much I can tell you here about the advantages of a PWA, so I would value the opportunity to tell you more and explain how you can benefit.


Please email me at kabir.rawat@pwa-network.com. Or, if what you have read really got your attention and you’d like to talk soon, my direct line is 0203 287 2361.

You’re busy, I’m sure, so why not get in touch now while this is on your mind?

Best wishes

Kabir Rawat

The PWA Network